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Description & Usage

Nextgard Chewables is a prescription preventative flea and tick treatment to kill adult fleas and attack the most common ticks in canines. Its fast-acting formula protects against infestations up to 30 days and is recommended monthly for year-round protection. Dogs love this tasty beef-flavored soft chew.

Precautions & Side Effects

NexGard chewables is recommended for use in dogs and puppies 8 weeks of age and older. The most common adverse reactions witnessed include vomiting, dry/flaky skin, diarrhea, lethargy, and lack of appetite. It has not yet been recommended safe for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. For dogs with a history of seizures, this medicine needs to be used with caution.



Please talk to your veterinarian to administer the appropriate monthly dosage based on your pet’s weight. Treatment should be given once a month with or without food. Ensure that your dog consumes the entire chew. All pets within the household should be treated with NexGard Chewables or the appropriate flea and tick preventative in order to reduce the risk of infestation. Do not use Nexgard Chewables with Cats!


Store at or below 86°F with excursions permitted up to 104°F.

Dosing Chart

Weight Dosage
4 to 10 lbs Administer one chew
10.1 to 24 lbs Administer one chew
24.1 to 60 lbs Administer one chew
60.1 to 121 lbs Administer one chew
Over 121lbs Give the appropriate combination of chewables







Does NexGard kill fleas?

NexGard’s active ingredient Afoxolaner kills all adult fleas by over-stimulating their nervous system.

Does NexGard kill ticks?

NexGard’s kills most common canine ticks such as the Lone Star tick, the Black-legged tick, the American Dog tick and the Brown dog tick.

Is NexGard safe for my dog?

NexGard is safe to use in puppies 8 weeks of age or older, weighing 4 pounds or more.

Can I use NexGard on my cats?

No, NexGard should only be used on dogs.

How quickly does NexGard work?

NexGard kills 100% of fleas within 24 hours.

I gave NexGard to my dog and I am seeing more fleas

Fleas will rise to the top of your dog’s hair before dying.

Can I bathe my dog after using NexGard?

Yes, your dog is free to bathe or swim immediately after taking NexGard.

How often should I give NexGard to my dogs?

NexGard should only be used once a month. It is effective for up to 30 days.