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Description & Usage

Interceptor Plus is a tasty chicken-flavored dog chewable used to prevent heartworm and treat and control parasites such as roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, and tapeworm. Each tablet provides a full month of protection against all common intestinal parasites. It can be used in dogs and puppies over 6 weeks of age and weighing over 2 pounds.

Precautions & Side Effects

Your pet may need more than 6 monthly doses after the last exposure to mosquitoes to provide complete heartworm prevention. Contact your veterinarian if your pet experiences vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy or convulsions.   

23 mg Milbemycin Oxime and 228 mg Praziquantel.


Interceptor Plus Chewable is administered orally (by mouth) once a month. The treatment should be administered year-round for full protection.  


Store at room temperature, between 59° - 77°F. Keep away from pets and children.

Dosing Chart

Dogs and puppies (6 weeks or older, weighing more than 2 lbs)

Weight Dosage
2 to 8 lbs One chewable tablet monthly (Orange)
8.1 to 25 lbs One chewable tablet monthly (Green)
25.1 to 50 lbs One chewable tablet monthly (Yellow)
50.1 to 100 lbs One Chewable tablet monthly (Blue)
Over 100 lbs Use the appropriate combination of tablets monthly.







What is Interceptor Plus Chewable for dogs?

Interceptor Plus (milbemycin oxime/praziquantel) is a monthly parasiticide prescribed to prevent heartworm infections in dogs. This chicken flavored chewable tablet should be administered by mouth once a month and will protect your pet against heartworm disease. It also treats adult roundworm, adult hookworm, adult whipworm and adult tapeworm.