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Description & Usage

The Heartgard Plus Chewables is amazingly effective in keeping your dog safe from heartworms, hookworms, and roundworms. This tasty beef-flavored chew, when given monthly, will protect your dog from heartworm and other parasites. Heartgard Plus is a heartworm preventive and should be used on uninfected dogs only. It is important to get your dog tested for heartworm before being prescribed this medicine. Heartgard Plus is safe to use on dogs 6 weeks and above.

Precautions & Side Effects

Heartgard Plus side effects are rare at the recommended dose. No adverse side effects have been observed in pregnant or breeding females, male dogs and puppies over six weeks old. Contact your veterinarian if you observe abnormal behavior or symptoms or if your pet suffers from Depression/lethargy, vomiting, anorexia, diarrhea, mydriasis, ataxia, staggering, convulsions, and hypersalivation.



Heartgard Plus is administered monthly for year-round protection against heartworm and parasites. Please refer to the chart below for proper dosage. Only remove the chew from its wrapper before giving it to your dog. The Chewables should be chewed and not swallowed whole. Break the chew into several pieces if your dog usually swallow treats whole.


Store between 68° - 77°F. Protect from light.

Dosing Chart

Weight Dosage
Up to 25 lbs Give 1 chewable every month
26-50 lbs Give 1 chewable every month
51-100 lbs Give 1 chewable every month
Over 100 lbs Give combination of chewables based on weight




Why should I protect my dog against heartworms?

Heartworm disease in dogs (dirofilariasis) is spread by mosquito bites and can become fatal if not treated properly. Heartworms can cause damage to your dog’s heart, arteries and lungs. It is important to keep your dog protected year-round as heartworm disease has been found in all 50 states and dogs can become infected at any time. Although it is possible to treat infected dogs, it is more difficult, more expensive and risky.

How do I know if my dog is infected by heartworms?

It’s not always easy to detect heartworm infection in its early stages which is why you should always get your dog tested at your veterinarian. Common signs to watch for include coughing, difficulty breathing, low energy and sluggishness during exercise. The infection can lead to loss of consciousness and death if left untreated.

How do I prevent heartworm disease in dogs?

Heartgard Plus (ivermectin/pyrantel) is the most recommended preventive heartworm medicine on the market. Heartgard Plus helps prevent larvae from developing into adults by killing them in early stages. Use monthly for year-round protection. If your dog is not protected, the larvae will grow into adults and infect the lungs and arteries of your pet and can become fatal.

How long should I give my dog Heartgard Plus?

Your dog should be protected against heartworm infections throughout the year, as mosquitoes are a threat in all 50 states, even in colder areas. Therefore, it is important to give your dog Heartgard Plus Chewables once monthly.

Can my dog get heartworm disease from an infected dog?

No, dogs can only become infected from a mosquito bite carrying heartworm larvae.

Is Heartgard Plus safe for my dog?

Heartgard Plus Chewables is safe and effective against heartworms, roundworms and hookworms in any dogs and puppies 6 weeks of age and older.