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Winter Safety Tips for Your Pet

The immune system of your pets takes a serious hit in colder environments. In such conditions, your dog/cat can feel weak and is prone to more diseases and illnesses. Therefore, you must take special care of their health in winters. Here are a few tips that can help you take care of your pets during the winter season.

Give them a Comfortable Place to Sleep

Ideally, your dog/cat should have a comfortable place to rest. You cannot leave your pet out in the open in the colder environments. You should invite them inside your home to let them enjoy the warmth of the fireplace. Place enough blankets and cushions in their kennels so that they can cover themselves in case they feel cold.

Cover their Paws

If you are letting your pet play in the snow, do cover their paws. The cold can easily catch them by surprise.

Give Them Regular Medication

A reliable pet pharmacy should always be on your list of emergency contacts. You can rely on such pharmacies to deliver the necessary RX pet meds at a short notice in case your pet is not feeling alright. The top pharmacies will have a huge collection of cat and dog medication to help you provide the necessary care to your pet.

Help Them with a Warm Shower

Do give them a warm shower regularly to ensure that they do not catch fleas/ticks during the winters. You can use Rx pet meds like the Ovitrol Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo to prevent a flea/tick infection. They cannot afford to lose their thick fur in such colder environments.

You should not take a risk with your pet’s health in the winters and take them to a certified veterinarian in case you suspect something wrong. You can rely on OnlyVetMeds pet pharmacy to get access to a huge repository of high-quality medicines for your pet.