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Vet meds that help treat hyperthyroidism in cats

Old cats often deal with severe medical complications that can threaten their lives. Without the right pet medication, these cats can get seriously ill in a short period. Hyperthyroidism is one such medical condition that can affect middle-aged and older cats.

How to Detect Hyperthyroidism in Cats?

Here are a few signs that suggest this medical condition in cats:

  • Increased Appetite and Loss of Weight

    Your cat may start eating way more than regular amounts of food and still lose weight consistently. In such conditions, the cat may also drink a lot of water and pee often.

  • Diarrhea and Hyperactivity

    Diarrhea and vomiting are common in such medical conditions. Your cat may also suffer from hyperactivity which may affect his/her mental well-being over time.

  • Unkempt, Matted and Greasy Fur Coat

    Greasy fur coats are common with this condition.

Pet Medications that Help Your Cat Deal with Hyperthyroidism

The following pet medications from a reliable pet pharmacy can help your cat counter the adverse effects of hyperthyroidism.

  • Levothyroxine Tablets
  • Methimazole Tablets
  • Tapazole Tablets

Administering the Cat Medication Correctly

You should always rely on the advice of an expert veterinarian while administering these medicines. The medicines mentioned above are available in the form of chewable tablets. Older cats can consume these tablets directly. However, if your cat is resisting the medication, you can administer it with Rx cat food and supplements.

In most cases, you will need to find a smart way to administer these medicines carefully because cats are very particular about the food they eat. In case you are finding it difficult to administer these Rx pet meds, you can always take suggestions from a reliable veterinarian. You can purchase these medicines and many more from OnlyVetMeds. OnlyVetMeds is a reliable pet pharmacy that gives you access to hundreds of different high-quality medications for pets.