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Traveling with a Cat in Cold Weather? Learn Some Great Safety Tips

Have you made the indoors and outdoors winter safe for your pet cat? But, what if you need to travel with it in the cold weather? Certainly, you don’t wish to leave it back home. However, taking it along requires few preparations and here are some useful tips to help you.

Expose It to Cold Weather

A few days before the trip, let the body of your cat adjust to the low temperatures. You must do it gradually, taking it outdoors for an hour or so and helping it adapt to the weather change.

Take Recommendations

Visit a petmeds expert or veterinarian and take suggestions about cold weather pet safety tips. If the pet is on some cat medications, ask the vet whether it would be fine to give the pet medication on the go or not.

Buy a Cat Carrier

Invest in a good cat carrier and do it at least few days before the trip. Help your cat spend some time in the carrier every day so that the pat gets used to it. Don't forget to place a blanket in the carrier to add the extra warmth and comfort.

Food and Water

Pets usually require more calorie intake in winters. Start feeding your cat with a little extra food to maintain its energy level. However, don’t overfeed as it may turn your pet obese. Take enough food on the trip and prefer dry food that would not freeze on the way. It is good to feed warm water to the cat even when you are traveling. Carry an electric/heated water bowl.

Other Tips:

  • If you make the cat walk on the snow, debris or road, clean its paws afterwards to wipe off the salt which otherwise may irritate the pet.
  • Pack important pet medications (only Rx pet meds prescribed by a vet) for cold and other possible travel issues.
  • Stop for frequent bathroom breaks on the way.

If traveling by air or for vacations, check with the airlines and hotels about the pet-friendly facilities.