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The Best Organic Cat Foods

Why should you care buying organic food for your cat? Apart from promoting healthy weight and lifestyle, organic food increases life expectancy in pets. Moreover, these are great options for cats who frequently suffer from allergies, digestive disorders and other ailments. Most of the pet med experts too support organic pet foods for being free from chemicals and artificial additives.

Choosing the Best Options

There are some important factors that must be considered when choosing the best cat organic food:

  • Check the ingredients - it should contain pure meat, vegetables, vitamins, minerals like zinc and essential fatty acids.
  • Protein and fat content - the experts in cat medications suggest that the protein and fat content must be respectively between 30-40% and 10-20%.
  • Cat breed - it would be great if you consult a petmed expert about which option is specifically right for the breed of your cat.
  • Taste and preferences - Give a try to different organic foods available in the market and let your pet develop taste for one or more options.

Some Popular Brands and Products

  • Hill's Prescription: One of their popular products is Multicare Urinary Care Chicken & Vegetable Stew Canned Cat Food which contains real chicken along with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and controlled levels of minerals.
  • Castor & Pollux: Their grain-free formulations like Chicken & Potato Recipe features organic chicken along with organic peas, potatoes and lentils.
  • Blue: You can choose Blue's Fish Recipe Wet Food which contains excellent amount of proteins. Cranberries and natural dietary fibers make this grain and gluten-free food a favorite among furry pets. Another popular product of the company is Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe which contains protein-rich rabbit meat as the chief ingredient.

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