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Signs Of Parvo In A Dog And How An Online Pharmacy Can Help

Viruses have been known as one of the most harmful pathogens in the world. This is no wonder that they cause as much harm to pets as they do to humans. Parvo, known as Canine parvovirus in the scientific language, is a very contagious virus that affects dogs in no time, causing so strong a disease that it can prove to be fatal unless treated in time. However, early diagnosis and proper pet meds can help your pet recover quickly.

What Is Parvo And How It Spreads?

Parvo is a viral disease that is caused by the virus, Canine parvovirus. The mode of transfer is direct or indirect contact with feces. Once the virus enters the pet's body, it can cause great damage to its immune system. Early diagnosis and proper dog medications can help improve the pet's condition.

Signs And Symptoms Of Parvo

  1. The pet gets a fever in 3-7 days from the day of getting infected. Fever is often accompanied by lethargy, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea. If you spot any of these symptoms in your dog, take your pet to the vet as soon as possible.

  2. Due to the weakened state of your pet's body, the infection can occur. Prescribed antibiotic pet medications would be a great help in improving your dog's health.

  3. Continuous vomiting and diarrhea would not only affect your dog's appetite but also lead to dehydration which can easily go unnoticed and critically affect your pet. Electrolytes are necessary to help make up for the loss of fluids.

Parvo Prevention

While Parvo is not something that can be avoided altogether, getting your pet vaccinated in early years can give them enough immunity against the disease. Maintaining proper cleanliness can also help control the spread of the disease. Heartworm medication with intestinal dewormer would help your dog maintain a strong immune system against the parvovirus.

At the online pet pharmacy OnlyVetMeds, you can find antibiotics and dewormers besides other medications that can protect your dog from getting Parvo. Prevention is better than cure after all. However, if you do notice Parvo symptoms in your pet, rush them to the vet as soon as possible.