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Signs of Illness in Your Dog and Choosing the Right Dog Meds

A few breeds of dogs are more prone to diseases and illnesses compared to the other breeds due to a weaker immune system. You need to offer them special care and attention to keep them healthy and happy for a longer period. Here’s how you can detect if your dog is ill and needs medications from a reliable pet pharmacy.


Dogs are generally happy and lively pets. A happy dog is full of energy and can offer you an endless amount of love. If your dog has suddenly reduced the activity levels and feels tired throughout the day, he/she might be ill. You need to take your pet to a reliable veterinarian for a full check-up.

Too Much Sleep

Dogs generally need 8 to 10 hours of sleep every day. If your dog is sleeping for more than 12 hours every day, you might need to consult a professional veterinarian for advice.

Lack of Food Intake

If your dog has suddenly reduced the amount of food intake, he/she will lose weight and feel less energetic throughout the day. In such cases, you might need to change his/her diet or take him to a vet to get new Rx pet meds.

Irritable Behavior

A few dogs may start behaving erratically and try to harm everyone he/she trusts. In such cases, you must take him/her to the vet immediately for a checkup.

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