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How To Care For Your Dog When In Heat?

If you are a dog parent, the chances are high that you have heard about your dog going into heat. If you have not listened to the phrase yet, here is a guideline for you. Female dogs are the ones that will go into heat. The phrase means that your dog will be ready to copulate as she is ovulating. This period starts when your dog is about six months old. It means that even if she has a body that is still developing, she can copulate and reproduce.

What Are The Symptoms?

The symptoms can be varied, and this period will last for two or three weeks. But they will be clear for you to take notice. For example, physically, there can be a two to three symptoms such as inflamed vulva and some bleeding. There will be behavioral changes as well. Your dog can also act out of character. They can try to roam about, get away from the house, all in search of a partner. They can become detached or can become to attached as well. Sometimes your dog can become violent as well. If your dog is experiencing extreme symptoms, it is time for you to calm her down through some pet medications.

How To Care For Your Dog?

All your dog needs this time is some care, love, and attention. If you are a new pet parent, it is advised to take your dog to a good veterinarian. If the doctor sees fit, he will ask you to get a spay surgery done. He can also give some dog medications to help the dog throughout the process.

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