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Nutrition Tips and Pet Medications for Pregnant Dogs

Congratulations! Your pet dog is expecting! But a pregnant dog comes with loads of responsibilities on your end. Here are some essential tips regarding nutrition and pet medications to keep your pregnant dog healthy.


  • Feed your pregnant or lactating dog with high-calorie, nutritious food to meet their energy needs for efficient growth of the puppies and milk production
  • Include more fat into the diet to satisfy higher calorie demand during pregnancy
  • High-quality dog food fortified with DHA and EPA can be the right choice for your expecting dog
  • To aid in quicker digestion, make sure the food is rich in fiber

It is recommended to consult a vet or nutritionist to get effective nutrition tips for your pregnant dog.

Pet Medication during Pregnancy

It is better to avoid pet medication in your pregnant dog unless it is necessary. Certain dog medications, if administered without consulting a veterinary, can be potentially dangerous for the mother and can even result in spontaneous abortion. Pet meds can also cause birth defects in the puppies.

However, there are some medications that are safe and absolutely necessary to ensure good health of the pregnant mother and her puppies. Your veterinary doctor may suggest vaccinating your dog to protect her and the babies from diseases such as rabies, canine distemper, hepatitis, and parvovirus.

Your doctor may also recommend topical tick and flea protection medications, or heartworm Rx pet med for your pregnant dog.

Medications Safe for Your Pregnant Dog

Always use Rx pet meds for your pregnant dog. It can be unsafe to give OTC medications to your dog without consulting a vet.

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