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Is your dog in pain? What are some commonly prescribed medications?

A healthy and happy dog is generally very energetic and loving. If you have a pet dog who is behaving oddly and acts completely drained/tired throughout the day, he/she might be ill. In such cases, your dog might be experiencing pain due to the illness as well.

How to determine if your dog is in pain?

Your pet dog can behave weirdly in case he/she is in pain to get your attention. In the worst-case scenarios, your pet might not have the energy to ask for your attention. In such cases, your pet may do one of the following.

  • Whining Noises

    Dogs often make whining or howling noises when they are in pain. A few dogs may even cry, with visible tears in case they feel an extreme amount of pain.

  • Constantly Scratching Skin

    Dogs who are dealing with a skin infection may scratch their fur/skin. In the severe cases of infections, they can damage their skin beyond repair. In such cases, the dog needs a shower and the right anti-infection dog medication to get rid of the pests that are causing the infection.

  • Drained and Out of Energy

    Your dog may also feel complete drained and out of energy in case he/she does not eat and rest well. In such cases, a few Rx pet meds can help them recover faster.

Commonly Prescribed Medications for Dogs

Some of the most popular and commonly prescribed medications for dogs include:

  • Prednisolone Tablets
  • Previcox Tablets
  • Quellin Chewables

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