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Find Out How to Choose Among the Best Automatic Cat Feeders?

Automatic cat feeders offer more benefits than you can think of:

  • Setting a fixed feeding routine
  • Scheduling multiple meals in the right portions
  • Promote healthy weight management
  • Optimal consumption to prevent health issues and cat medications
  • Feeding the cat even when you are away
  • Not to forget, the great convenience for cat owners

When you decide to buy an automatic cat feeder, there are many options you would come across. A good one would have the features like:

  • Digital timer to customize the feeding times
  • Wi-Fi functions to control the feeder using apps
  • Voice recording to invite the cat whenever the food is dispensed
  • Ability to customize the food portions
  • Design which is cat-proof (prevents violations by your little pet)
  • Support for wet cat foods (with arrangements to avoid food spoilage)

You must decide whether you need a battery-operated feeder (great for cord-free usage) or corded feeder (no worries about weak batteries as you are away for days). Gravity feeders are also a good option as they demand low maintenance.

Some Popular Choices

Westlink: Easy to program, dispenses 4 foods per day, voice recording and sensors that prevent food blocking

PetSafe Simply 12: Great to feed dry food to your feline friend, it supports up to 12 meals each day, allows customized food portions, highly durable and easy to set digital timer

Another option from PetSafe is the one that allows 5 meals a day and is highly convenient in use with easy-to-remove dishwasher-safe food tray and secure latching lid.

SureFeed Microchip: The microchip allows feeding to as many as 32 cats. Solid built and allows monitoring the daily dietary intake of every cat in the house.

PYRUS: Large capacity to store good amount of food, LCD screen, voice recording, heat resistant and good for outdoor use.

Make sure you refer to the reviews and compare these feeders to invest in the right one.