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Can Vet Meds help with Puppies that Bite

Does your puppy bite?

For pet owners, biting puppies can be a cause of concern. Typically, the little ones bite when they are teething. However, this can also be caused due to behavioral disorders, aggression, fear, anxiety, or depression in dogs.

Fortunately, with proper training, precautions and Rx pet meds, you can stop biting or mouthing behavior in your puppy.

Can Pet Medications Help?

While biting is a common phenomenon in most puppies, it is crucial to understand the causes underlying such behavior. Teething is the most common reason why puppies bite, and teaching the little one that their teeth is not for human skin can help. There are several techniques that you can apply to train your puppy not to bite or aid him in his teething or mouthing stage. However, if nothing works, you should consult a veterinary doctor to understand the causes of such behavior.

Often, aggression, anxiety or depression can cause your furry little to bite. Only a trained vet can identify such behavioral disorders and recommend dog medications if necessary. However, aggressive behavior, fear or stress is most unlikely in a little puppy, and you should rather practice rigorous training than giving anti-depression or anti-anxiety pet meds to stop biting.

Vet Meds that can Help Alleviate Puppy Biting

There are certain vet-prescribed medications that you can use to alleviate the conditions of anxiety, depression, or aggression in puppies that bite. Make sure you administer these drugs only after thorough physical examination and consultation by a veterinary doctor.

Besides medications, you can soothe the puppy with a chew bone or a toy when it tries to bite. Avoid rough play and wrestling; rather encourage fun games like tug-of-war or fetch. Allow abundant time for the little one to play with other puppies and be friendly.

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