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Can Dogs Have Watermelon Seeds?

Who doesn’t love having watermelon! Even your dog does. But is it safe for your canine friend to eat watermelon?

The answer – yes; your dog can have his share of watermelon, provided you take certain precautions pertaining to your pet consuming the seeds.

Watermelon is power-packed with essential nutrients – Vitamins A, C, B6, and potassium. It is also low in calories and can keep your dog well-hydrated, especially during the summer.

Is Watermelon Toxic?

Watermelon itself is not toxic to dogs, but the health issues regarding the seeds of the fruit should be taken seriously. Watermelon seeds are also not poisonous for your furry friend, so do not worry if your dog has consumed a few while enjoying his piece of the fruit.

However, if your dog intakes too many seeds, it can cause intestinal blockage. In such cases, it is recommended to consult a veterinary doctor for Rx pet meds. Watermelon seeds, when eaten in large amounts, can also cause gastrointestinal problems in dogs, such as stomach upset and diarrhea. The seeds and rinds of the fruit can also result in choking hazards in smaller breeds or puppies.

Precautions to Take

Here are some precautions you should take before feeding watermelon to your dog:

  • Feed watermelon only in small portions to prevent tummy ache or other gastrointestinal problems when taken in large quantities. It is better that you consult a doctor to know how much you can feed your dog. If your pet has unique dietary requirements or is under certain pet med, eating watermelon may not be a good idea.
  • Since consuming too many watermelon seeds can cause choking risks or blockage of the digestive tract, it is better to remove them completely before feeding your dog.
  • Cut the watermelon into smaller, chewable cubes that are easy to eat.

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