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7 Common Cat Diseases that Occur in Old Age

The seniority of cats is difficult to adjudge from their looks. Unlike dogs, cats maintain graceful appearance even in their golden years. However, it may also make it difficult to figure out if they are suffering from any ailment. Old age definitely exposes these lovely pets to some common diseases and you must be watchful towards them.

Chronic Renal Disease

Kidneys may fail to perform in the old cats, leading to accumulation of waste which ultimately causes chronic kidney diseases. Weight loss, vomiting, increased thirst and accident urination are some of the common signs of the condition. Contact a vet as these signs appear to consult for the possible cat medications, therapies and diets for the treatment.

Diabetes Mellitus

Old cats which grow overweight and lead an inactive lifestyle are prone to feline diabetes. The common signs of the problem include change in appetite and weight, excess of thirst and urination and more. A vet would decide if your diabetic pet requires insulin injections for the rest of its life. To avoid the condition, keep your pet active and be careful towards its diet.


If the cat stops climbing higher places, sleeps more than normal and shows difficulty in standing n the old age, it may indicate the onset of arthritis. If you want your pet to lead quality life at this age as well, consult a vet immediately for Rx pet meds and other treatment options.


Nearly one-third of the senior cats develop cancer, the most common ones being lymphosarcoma and oral squamous carcinoma. Early detection is necessary to prevent these conditions from turning fatal. Your pet’s vet may also recommend preventative injections to keep the cat safe.


If you notice the signs like change in appetite and weight, poor coat and increased thirst in your old cat, hyperthyroidism can be a reason behind it. The condition is manageable if you consult a vet on time and start the prescribed pet medications.

Hearing/Vision Loss

As humans tend to suffer from loss of vision and hearing in old age, cats too show these ageing signs. Your cat may develop cloudiness of the eyes and start colliding with things due to failing vision. It may also become immune to noises due to failing hearing ability. Be sure you never leave your pet alone at home and learn techniques to communicate with it in such situations.

Heart Diseases

Cardiomyopathy, degenerative valvular disease and other common heart diseases in cats may occur with advancing age. It is important that these conditions get diagnosed at a very early stage or they ultimately result in congestive heart failure.

Never break the routine of taking your cat to the vet and periodic medical checkups.