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5 Tips to Make Walking Your Dog More Enjoyable

5 Tips to Make Walking Your Dog More Enjoyable

Walking your dog isn't always a walk in the park (pun intended!). Teaching your puppies proper walking etiquette will save you a lot of trouble and make your daily walks much more enjoyable. 

#1 - Make it a daily routine!

For some of you, this may already be the case, but too many dogs and dog owners live a sedentary lifestyle, especially in the dead of winter. Having a dog is a wonderful reason to get out of your chair and go on a daily walk. Pick a time of the day that works best for you and make it a habit to go on a walk everyday for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Are you looking for a good reason to get started? Today is National Walk Your Dog Day and walking is a fantastic way to bond with your pet. 

#2 - Change it up!

While some of you may prefer a simple daily routine, others may quickly get bored of doing the same walk over and over again. If the weather is dreary, consider a quick walk around your neighborhood. If it is nice and sunny, put on your shorts and go to the park, maybe even consider a light jog. Are you getting tired of early morning walks? Try and go in the evening instead or maybe take a 30 minute break throughout the afternoon. You can also split it between mornings and evenings or even alternate throughout the week. Do not let monotony keep you away from the benefits of a daily walk. 

#3 - Use a front clip harness!

This is especially true if your dog is constantly pulling on its leash. Dog harnesses that clip on the back only promote more pulling and can turn a pleasant walk into a miserable time. It is recommended to teach your dog how to walk on a leash very early on. Avoid a retractable leash for walks. They can be difficult to maintain control of your dog and can cause serious injuries to both pets and owners. The locks can sometimes disengage making them an unnecessary hazard as opposed to a traditional leash.

#4 - Let your dog sniff around!

A big part of making daily walks enjoyable is making sure that your dog is a disciplined walker. However, you should always let your dog sniff around in certain (safe) areas for extra mental stimulation. Remember that your dog is often cooped up inside your house all day and outside time is a way for them to smell new scents which gives them stimulation and information. 

#5 - Bring some treats along the way!

There will always be distractions, no matter where you walk. The last thing you want is for your dog to bark and lunge every time there's a fellow walker or a squirrel in sight. Keep your dog's attention by handing out delicious treats. You can easily make your own treats with fruits and veggies and they will be sure to keep your dog's focus in check!